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Each city within the game has a number of arenas where events are held. Arenas are the only business entity within the game which are not run by users, other than the basic gyms. The arenas vary greatly in size and the key to success as a promoter is picking an arena which is an appropriate size for your show.

Booking an arena/fees

In order to hold an event at any particular arena, you need to book it on the new event form. You will have to pay a flat fee for booking the arena, irrespective of the attendance.

  • The booking fee is dependant on the day in which the arena is booked. For prime spots (Saturday) it will be $10 per seat, with lower costs based on which days will have more interest.
  • Arenas can not be resized for smaller capacities.


We have a selection of chain arenas within the game, which are smaller venues for start up promotions, including;
  • "Wild Bob's Bar & Grill" restaurants, all of which have a capacity of 750. Wild Bob's is inspired by Wild Bill's fight night.
  • Paddy O'Malleys non stereotypical Irish bar. Capacity 700.
  • The Underground - UK theme bar and nightclub. Capacity 1000.

Other Venues

As well as the chain arenas we have city specific arenas.

Wombley Arena (Capacity: 93,607) *Note was formerly 12,500
The H2O Arena (Capacity: 20,000)
Knights Court (Capacity: 18,000)
Camden Conference Centre (Capacity: 7,000)
Tokyo Bowl (Capacity: 42,000)
Nippon Judokan (Capacity: 14,200)
Saku Dome (Capacity: 7,000)
Shinjuku Indoor Arena (Capacity: 5,000)
MMA Grand (Capacity: 17,157)
Wandalay Bay (Capacity: 12,000)
Sparta's Palace (Capacity: 7,000)
The Parisian (Capacity: 5,250)
The Redeemerarena (Capacity: 16,000) *Note: Previously called HSBC Rio Arena
Estadio Do Maraca (Capacity: 12,000)
Flamengo Arena (Capacity: 6,000)
  • Note: Rio used to have a 90k seater called The Maracana, which has been converted into the Estadio Do Maraca
Ice Box (Capacity: 12,300)
Kazan Sambo Centre (Capacity: 7,708)
The Docks (Capacity: 5,000)
LA Memorial Colossuseum (Capacity: 93,607)
University Park (Capacity: 14,000)
Venice Beach (Capacity: 6,500)
King Theatre (Capacity: 5,320)
Sydney Superdome (Capacity: 18,500)
The Bridge (Capacity: 10,000)
Schooners Bar (Capacity: 7,000)
Bondi Outdoor Arena (Capacity: 5,750)
Belle Centre (Capacity: 21,500)
Montreal Sports Complex (Capacity: 13,000)
The Expo (Capacity: 6,000)
Madison Garden Arena (Capacity: 20,000)
Empire Indoor Arena (Capacity: 14,500)
Credit Card Center (Capacity: 7,000)
Liberty Dome (Capacity: 5,250)
Suomi International (Capacity: 19,500)
Kallio Dome (Capacity: 10,000)
Kamppi Arena (Capacity: 6,000)
Malmmi Sportshall (Capacity: 5,500)
  • HILO
Hula's (Capacity: 17,580)
Big Kahunarena (Capacity: 10,000)
The Pipeline (Capacity: 6,500)
209 Arena (Capacity: 21,209)
The Red Light (Capacity: 10,450)
The Beer Garden (Capacity: 5,047)