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Once a fight takes place, you will be able to view text commentary of the event as a whole or each fight individually.


Commentary is broken down into two types;

  • Move related commentary
  • Color commentary

Move related commentary

For every move within the fight engine the game displays one line of commentary. The only exception is if there is unneccessary duplication, like if someone tries to control for 3 moves in a row, it will only display the commentary once, until one of the fighters does something different.

Colour commentary

Additionally there is some insightful, conditional commentary. This can give you hints towards how the fight is going, what fighters' tactics, fighter tiredness, crowd reaction, who won rounds etc.


As well as general commentary there are a number of stats displayed.

Tale of the Tape

The tale of the tape displays fighter information, sponsors and also gives keys to victory for each fighter. These three points may help you further understand your opponent's skillset, if you are scouting some of his previous fights.


Event summary stats

Some post event stats are made available to all users, such as including the percentage of time the fight was in each position (standing/clinch/ground) and how the points scored in the fight were allocated across those areas. It also provides a fight rating and information on hype and popularity changes.


Fight Imperial statistics

Fight imperial statistics are provided for VIP users to give an easy summary of how the fight went down, in each aspect of the game.



VIP users can also see a scorecard for all 10 point must fights which go to a decision.