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GAMMA was founded on the 29th of May 2009, making it the oldest "continually running" organisation in the game. Mentor (the organisation owner), is the only organisation owner to have held the reigns of an organisation for so long and nobody even comes close. GAMMA has the in-game ID # 296.

We pride ourselves as being the most active, organized and democratic organization in MMATycoon. We are also the only place among the top organizations where you can find totally unbiased booking. We are not affiliated to any alliance, we do not book our own fighters in events. We also do not interfere in fighter development, meaning that we do not fund private gyms or sponsor particular fighters to give unfair advantages, so there is no backstage backstabbing or favoritism in GAMMA. Fights are booked purely based on hype levels and those top of the list get first priority in title fights and headline events.

Over its glorious history it has held multiple records including holding 3rd place for total events held, total fights offers and also held the 1st position for the largest organization in total fighters signed.

GAMMA is located in Las Vegas, Nevada which is the capital of MMA Tycoon.

We have a total of 9 low cap gyms for our fighters in Las Vegas and provide for traveling for all our events if you are based there.

GAMMA is the only organization in the game which runs a 3 tier type structure. The New York based GAMMA Kids NY is the grounds for all the up and coming talent. The best of those get promoted to our GAMMA: Contenders (Launched initially in January 2010, now in its 3rd reincarnation), which is our mid organization for up and near peaked fighters or fighters which are not quite high ranking enough to join GAMMA.

All in all there are over 300 fighters signed to GAMMA or its affiliates at the moment, no other organization comes close.



  • 3 rounds of 5 minutes
  • Title fights are 5 rounds of 5 minutes
  • 10 points rated per round
  • Fighting in a cage
  • Inactive fighters of over 30 days without good reason will be released
  • Managers which reject fights without good reason will also be released, good reason includes:

- booked on a date when your would still be injured or cut.

- booked against your own fighter.

- booked against someone you just fought.

- booked earlier than 19 days from your previous fight AND you still want to train.

- booked against someone lower than 1000 p4p places.


In GAMMA we have 6 divisions:

  • Heavyweight 265+lbs division
  • Light Heavyweight 205lbs division
  • Middleweight 185lbs division
  • Welterweight 170lbs division
  • Bantamweight 155lbs division
  • Featherweight 145lbs division



- We never book based on skills

- All booking is based upon hype and popularity ratings of your fighter

- This means that you will under 95% of the cases fight someone up or down 5 places from your own fighters hype\popularity ratings in the GAMMA division rankings

- The 5% it does not happen is usually in the case that there is nobody else available within your "range" or as a last minute replacement

- Inactive managers (3+ days) are not added to an event

- Your fighter will be booked in a fight once every 3 to 5 weeks (usually once every 4 weeks on average)

- Your fighter is given 3+ weeks notice, unless we need a last minute replacement and that is VERY unusual

- Injured fighters are never booked on the card


- Rematches are very irregular, the only cases we offer a rematch is:

a) Your last fight was some time ago (5+ fights ago)

b) The last fight was controversial (draw or majority win)

c) Both fighters asked for a rematch

Title Fights

Title fights are almost always between the title holder and the most hyped\popular candidate, however there are exceptions such as:

a) The next in line is inactive for 3+ days (i do not book such fighters at all)

b) The next in line recently lost to the title holder

C) The next in line has less than 3 fights on his contract and has not yet agreed a renewal

D) They recently fought for the title

Note: It is illegal to simply retire while holding onto a title.


Sublime Nutrition - February 2011 till July 2012

Black Hand Fight Gear & Laundry - July 2012 till October 2012

Crippler's Corner - October 2012 till September 2013

Affordable Quality - September 2013 till March 2014

Green160! - March 2014 till December 2015

MayheM sportswear - December 2015 till April 2016

Voodoo Nutrition (4660) - April 2016 till November 2016

Nuggetori's Nutritionals 10% (5044) November 2016 till January 10th

Humanoid Nutrition (160Q for 160$) January 10th till Now

Poster Designers

Johnny Torrio (96345) March 2014 till April 2015

Gabe T.S. Gardner (112290) August 2016 till November 2016

Andy McKenzie (101467) November 2016 till Now


Matt Cave November 1/2013 till February 23/2014

Frank King (90764) February 23/2014 till March 15/2014

Furious Styles March 12/2014 till May 15/2014

Michael Brakeley (97994) May 15/2014 till July 20/2014

Rabid Alien (102643) January 2015 till June 2015

Nick James (104699) June 2015 till November 2015

Kenneth Gary (107584) February 2016 till April 2016

Runt . (108617) April 2016 till May 2016

Dan Pikeson (111953) June 2016 till August 2016

Alika Webb (62511) January 2017 till Now

Affiliate owners

GAMMA Contenders

Note: This is the second tier of GAMMA

Rogelio Cottonfloss (88129) GAMMA Contenders (Founder) 2013-06-01 till 2014-07-19

Gerbert Bryant (84742) GAMMA Contenders (2nd owner, CURRENT owner) 2014-07-19 till Now


Note: This is the third tier of GAMMA

Andy McKenzie (101467) GAMMA Kids NY (Founder) From 2015-03-21 till March 2016

Abe Beasley (105249) GAMMA Kids NY (2nd owner) March 2016 till end December 2016

Ivan Ivanov (107483) GAMMA Kids NY (3rd owner) From 2016-12-25 till May 2017

Satriyo Wibowo (106569) 2017-05-05 till now (Current Owner)

GAMMA Butt-Stompers

Note: This was the fourth tier of GAMMA

Rabid Alien (102643) (Founder)

Blake Phoenix (105403) (2nd owner, ORG Closed)


Note: This was the fourth tier of GAMMA

Ryan Maile (70437) (Founder)

GSP's Illegitimate Son (79001) (2nd owner, Org Closed)


Note: This is the MT/K-1 version of GAMMA

Big Bob (12574) (Founder) 2016-04-09 till

Andy McKenzie (101467) (2nd owner, CURRENT owner)

Organization Awards

As of 2015 the awards are based upon criteria:

+3 points for a win,

+1 point for a draw,

+1 point if the fight was a title fight or super fight (between other orgs),

+1 point for fight of the night award

-In the case there is a draw, we take into consideration total fights in GAMMA during the year (fewer the better)

-In the case of a draw again we take into consideration finishes.

Best Fighter ever (Rating just HOF fighters)

Renan St Juste (102580) 375

Raz Matazz (25622) 331

Jeremy Tonal (31632) 262

Frank Sinatra (49637) 199

Alan Bundy (21314) 181

Jt Colossus (1688) 179

Jack Burton (17865) 170

Arthur Curry (92326) 163

Fred Ettish (63999) 155

Kenichi Shirahama (112324) 153

Jesse Custer (183716) 150

Karl Denke (63718) 141

Lan Mandragoran (169650) 141

Diego Sanchez (142862) 137

Hunter Rose (61923) 131

Ein Stein (182566) 129

Jimmy Snuka (159898) 128

Peter Cabreros (47454) 128

Mikhail Yudovich (15928) 123

Anton Chigurh (58657) 121

Ender Wiggin (80914) 121

Jesse Venturia (44029) 121

Kyle Scissors (31178) 120

Adis Djurdjevic (138400) 118

Mark Makers (111282) 118

Alexander Khalifman (15927) 115

Cheez Itz (29886) 109

Degen Gambler (68491) 109

Ejnar Thorsen (137511) 104

Karl De Groot (53034) 104

Hendo Han (27677) 103

Fidel Duberry (125586) 101

Vladik Fedotov (81001) 101

Mustafa Khan (129720) 98

Simon Williams (58148) 96

Dwayne Hicks (37068) 95

John Galt (83309) 90

Marshall Noir (112792) 89

Rick Stanley (8834) 88

Erico Plaza (20471) 87

Russ Rutger (62373) 85

Sol Tavarez (47522) 83

Tony Mendez (2946) 83

Frank Smith (10398) 82

Paul Phoenix (28363) 81

Bill Belton (113628) 79

Frank Abbot (34380) 78

Lennon Lewis (13257) 78

Kyle Carlton (123905) 74

Jurmas Uusisto (138062) 70

Top Ranked by Fight on the night fights

NOTE: Minimum of 10 FON Awards

Renan St Juste (102580) 48

Raz Matazz (25622) 39

Jeremy Tonal (31632) 23

Jt Colossus (1688) 20

Arthur Curry (92326) 20

Alan Bundy (21314) 19

Jack Burton (17865) 18

Kenichi Shirahama (112324) 17

Mikhail Yudovich (15928) 16

Cheez Itz (29886) 16

Karl Denke (63718) 14

Jimmy Snuka (159898) 14

Peter Cabreros (47454) 14

Diego Sanchez (142862) 13

Adis Djurdjevic (138400) 13

Degen Gambler (68491) 13

Fidel Duberry (125586) 13

Simon Williams (58148) 13

Dwayne Hicks (37068) 13

Lan Mandragoran (169650) 12

Frank Sinatra (49637) 11

Fred Ettish (63999) 11

Ein Stein (182566) 11

Hunter Rose (61923) 10

Alexander Khalifman (15927) 10

Ejnar Thorsen (137511) 10

Hendo Han (27677) 10

Top Ranked by Profile Fights

NOTE: Minimum of 10 fights (This is a combination of super fights + title fights)

Renan St Juste (102580) 43

Raz Matazz (25622) 34

Alan Bundy (21314) 30

Jeremy Tonal (31632) 28

Kenichi Shirahama (112324) 23

Karl Denke (63718) 18

Jesse Custer (183716) 16

Simon Williams (58148) 16

Anton Chigurh (58657) 15

Mikhail Yudovich (15928) 14

Arthur Curry (92326) 14

Patrick Bateman (180187) 14

Alexander Khalifman (15927) 14

Ein Stein (182566) 14

Fidel Duberry (125586) 14

Karl De Groot (53034) 14

Raymun Redbeard (129720) 12

Diego Sanchez (142862) 11

Kyle Carlton (123905) 11

Fred Ettish (63999) 10

Lan Mandragoran (169650) 10

Russ Rutger (62373) 10

Fighter of the Year 2009

1st Mikhail Yudovich

2nd Nikon Holm

3rd Lennon Lewis

Fighter of the Year 2010

1st Raz Matazz

2nd Alexander Khalifman

3rd Mikhail Yudovich

Fighter of the Year 2011

1st Jeremy Tonal

2nd Trent Pope

3rd Karl Denke

Fighter of the Year 2012

1st Anton Chigurh

2nd Jeremy Tonal

3rd Raz Matazz

Fighter of the Year 2013

1st Renan St Juste

2nd Simon Williams

3rd Keith Green

Fighter of the Year 2014

1st Jesse Custer (183716)

2nd Russ Rutger (62373)

3rd Ein Stein (182566)

Fighter of the Year 2015

1st Renan St Juste (102580)

2nd Krystian "Wojna" Wojnasiewicz (159688)

3rd Ein Stein (182566) + Gunnar Steigelmann (196145)

Fighter of the Year 2016

1st Gunnar Steigelmann (196145)

2nd Rufus McTearson (186694)

3rd Viv Richards (168454)

Best all time managers

NOTE: Last updated up to GAMMA#618 NOTE: Minimum of 200 points

Gale Hawthorne (22636) 950

Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) 629

Boondock The Destroyer (503) 563

Mr Gutz (3074) 562

Igor Psycho (6994) 472

Dom Jaehnke (20196) 405

Face Kicker (2965) 398

Pawel Ufcowski (52087) 377

Gerbert Bryant (84742) 365

Paulie Walnuts (79001) 310

Seppo Koskinen (2820) 266

Fart Master (102643) 259

Richard Davenport (10647) 250

John McGuirk (1306) 244

Andy McKenzie (101467) 240

Central Park Wigan (27741) 238

Jebba . (61031) 231

John Bravo (50889) 227

Digga Dogman (91254) 225

Grund McGrunderson (3341) 223

Brad O'Neil 223

Doug Heffernan (10852) 221

Alika Webb (62511) 221

Jack Smith (7552) 203

Top Ranked by total wins

NOTE: Minimum of 40 wins

Gale Hawthorne (22636) 150

Boondock The Destroyer (503) 108

Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) 88

Mr Gutz (3074) 83

Igor Psycho (6994) 81

Gerbert Bryant (84742) 67

Dom Jaehnke (20196) 62

Face Kicker (2965) 62

Pawel Ufcowski (52087) 59

Paulie Walnuts (79001) 54

John McGuirk (1306) 53

Seppo Koskinen (2820) 49

Fart Master (102643) 48

Central Park Wigan (27741) 45

John Bravo (50889) 45

Andy McKenzie (101467) 44

Brad O'Neil 43

Jebba . (61031) 42

Jack Smith (7552) 42

Alika Webb (62511) 40

Top Ranked by Profile fights (title fights + super fights)

NOTE: Minimum of 20 Fights

Gale Hawthorne (22636) 89

Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) 73

Mr Gutz (3074) 59

Face Kicker (2965) 36

Pawel Ufcowski (52087) 35

Richard Davenport (10647) 32

Dom Jaehnke (20196) 34

Grund McGrunderson (3341) 27

Matt Cave (45538) 26

Igor Psycho (6994) 26

Digga Dogman (91254) 22

Klatz Matz (46802) 21

Lance Templeton (889) 20

Hall Of Fame GAMMA managers

Boondock The Destroyer (503)

Gale Hawthorne (22636)

Mr Gutz (3074)

Igor Psycho (6994)

Whymer Van Mastodon (40116)

Face Kicker (2965)

Grund McGrunderson (3341)

Richard Davenport (10647)

Dom Jaehnke (20196)

Gerbert Bryant (84742)

Pawel Ufcowski (52087)

Paulie Walnuts (79001)

Seppo Koskinen (2820)

Organization & GAMMA fighter Records

All the official GAMMA game records can be found here:

Highest P4P Ranking

2011-11-19 Jeremy Tonal #1

2012-06-23 Anton Chigurh #1

2013-09-15 Renan St Juste #1

2016-08-03 Matt Quin (239220) #1

2014-10-04 Russ Rutger #2

2016-06-04 Fabian Hoi (225251) #2

2014-11-01 Jesse Custer #3

2017-04-08 Lukasz "Wally" Wolek #3 (255001)

2015-02-21 Arthur Curry #5

2016-04-09 Viv Richards (168454) #5

2017-02-16 Gerbert Bryant (241590) #5

2013-04-28 Fidel Duberry #6

2013-06-25 Simon Williams #6

2012-05-19 William Mackenzie King #6

2016-07-02 Oscar Boma (212771) #6

2014-08-30 Kyle Carlton #7

2015-12-20 Krystian Wojnasiewicz #7

2016-07-16 Joe Jordan (196358) #7

2016-09-21 Fernando Prado (181926) #7

2016-10-08 Gunnar Steigelmann (196145) #7

2017-02-25 Steve "Bells" Belliveau (220767) #07

2014-03-05 Jurmas Uusisto #8

2015-03-31 Billy Danze #8

2014-05-23 Willy Stoppers #10

2015-04-18 Tamias Poochyena #10

2017-01-14 Sebastiaan "Bas" Rutten (235659) #10

2017-01-28 Darren "Landmine" Lamb (243991) #10

2016-11-06 Joe "Big Country" Gage (212536) #11

2015-16-02 Patrick Bateman #12

2015-10-17 Gunnar "Knoke Støvkost" Gustavsson (134470) Top 12 p4p

2015-08-30 Nylerhotep "Necronomicon" Constantine (205043) #13

2015-12-15 Tony Slevin (180928) #13

2017-01-21 Kai Kha (267500) #13

2011-12-31 Trent Pope #14

2015-05-30 Richard Cuenca #14

2017-03-25 Ilya Mstislav Volkov (228159) #14

2013-09-25 Keith Green #16

2014-03-01 Anderson McGinley #16

2014-11-23 Scotty Bennet #16

2015-04-25 Timofey Boyko #16

2016-08-27 Ed Gennero (243448) #16

2016-09-04 Rufus McTearson (186694) #16

2017-04-02 Underestimated "Snake In The Grass" Dillashaw Junior (230204) #16

2014-06-15 Jonny Victorio #17

2015-03-21 Marshall Noir #17

2016-03-19 Attila "THE" Hun (225681) #17

2016-11-21 Robin "Rockin" Yount (257101) #17

2016-12-11 Robert "Sitek" Sito (255000) #17

2011-03-13 Raz Matazz #18

2014-11-30 Chris Hong #18

2017-02-18 Lao Shin "To Chin" (256055) #18

2017-02-04 Nick "Norse Force" Fjera (248347) #20

2013-04-06 Danza Kuduro #20

2015-09-05 Rau Utu #20

2016-12-31 Piotr "Rocky" Rokicki (253155) #20

017-03-02 Stanly Williams (174422) #20

2014-12-06 Kenichi Shirahama #21

2014-11-08 Ein Stein #21

2010-12-20 Mikhail Yudovich #22

2015-09-06 Gunnar Steigelmann #22

2017-18-03 Menace Defoe (268296) #22

2016-10-29 Luis "El Caliente" Torres (209965) #23

2014-06-06 Sergei Kravinoff #24

2016-03-05 Ray Lewis #25

2016-05-07 Julien "The French Psychopath" Touret (175093) #26

2017-02-02 Shin Dong Hyuk (223756) #26

2015-05-09 Lan Mangragoran #28

2016-04-30 Tony Siblas (219876) #28

2011-06-10 Alan Bundy #29

2015-10-31 Virgil Keller #29

2016-11-26 Ivar "The Boneless" Lodbrok (229350) #29

2012-12-08 Degen Gambler #30

2010-09-06 Alexander Khalifman #31

2016-08-27 Ravi "The Trancendental Dentist" Shankoli (246529) #32

2014-01-12 Stanley Burrell #34

2014-04-08 Cole River #35

2014-01-04 Ejnar Thorsen #36

2015-06-06 Doomsday Drost (131933) #36

2015-08-30 Diego Sanchez #37

2014-01-31 Roger Dunowevil #40

2012-10-13 Tank The Razors Edge #40

2015-02-07 Jt Colossus #40

2016-03-20 Alexander Emelianenko (208878) #40

2013-09-29 Karl De Groot #41

2016-08-27 Zeus "God King" Leonidas (219424) #41

2014-03-02 Usain Watts #42

2015-11-28 Hugues De Payens (187571) #43

2015-04-04 Yeshua Immanuel #44

2015-10-17 Hektor Troy top 44 p4p

2016-12-31 Kai Kha (267500) #45

2017-01-04 Nick "Norse Force" Fjera (248347) #46

2011-04-04 Bubba Clem #48

2017-03-25 Katsu Laoka (208638) #49

2014-11-02 Xavier Cid #49

2014-12-27 Fat Gorilla #50

2015-05-02 Ted Stefans #50

2015-06-13 Charles LaFontier #52

2010-09-11 Chris Webster #56

2015-02-28 Tio Malone #58

2015-09-12 Meat Beater (174503) #59

2016-08-21 Eliah "The Black Assassin" Marshal (184886) #60

2012-09-29 Jamie Gillis #62

2014-03-25 Fred Ettish #62

2017-01-21 Saul "Slip The Jab" Goodman (271572) #62

2011-05-07 Bill Hickok #63

2017-04-01 Claude "The Tank" LeBlanc (235012) #64

2013-10-27 Josip Ruzic #65

2015-12-26 Jax "Scarslutje" Teller (144166) #65

2010-10-10 Sammy Stone #66

2017-04-08 Arthur Curry (230303) #66

2017-03-04 Beast "Fatherland" Putin (256781) #67

2010-10-18 Hendo Han #68

2012-02-05 Karl Denke #69

2015-11-29 Jeffrey Sarpong (205110) #70

2013-06-09 Buster Grimes #74

2014-03-02 Jose Rozemblit #75

2017-03-04 Henrique "Voçoroca" Ramos (250605) #76

2011-02-06 Marius Metropolis #79

2016-10-22 Robin "Rockin" Yount (257101) #80

2013-09-23 Adis Djurdjevic #81

2016-12-17 Thomas "The Cannon" Bannon (243952) #81

2012-12-15 Forrest Gump #82

2014-04-01 Pyry Perkele #83

2012-02-12 Mahmoud Denjat #85

2015-09-02 Vladislav "Farmer Mysterio" Maslow (197361) #86

2017-03-04 Geoffrey Barbossa (251663) #86

2016-07-20 "Chainsaw" Jack Shaw (224611) #90

2017-01-04 Nicodemo Romero (207475) #93

2015-09-05 Michael Proctor #94

2014-04-26 KJ Talley #96

2011-05-21 Yuudai Ryuu #97

2014-09-07 Evander Holyshit #98

2017-04-01 Ottis "Devils Child" Toole (221267) #98

2015-06-20 Bobby Bishop #98

2011-01-02 Keith Jones #99

Note: This only includes the best recorded record per fighter or top 100 rated listed. This excludes any fighters moved over temporarily for a super fight

#1 Ranked fighters which fought in GAMMA via Super fights

Golden Glory (86108)

Sinuhe Egyptian (41580)

Ricky Rocker (177654)

Sean Tallon (205285)

#1 Ranked fighters which were part of the roster

Kyle Carlton (123905)

Scotty Bennet (167187)

Corbin Murphy (161736) (For just 2 fights)

#1 Ranked fighters which achieved top rank while part of GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal (31632)

Anton Chigurh (58657)

Renan St Juste (102580)

Matt Quin (239220)

Super Fight History

A super fight is a fight between top level fighters of GAMMA and other organizations in MMA Tycoon. GAMMA has a huge history of taking on the best of the world and performing at the top level. Most of the bellow fights are between top 1000 or higher p4p ranking fighters.

134-72-3 record in super fights currently.

Gunnar Gustavsson (0-1)

L Almu Tantor

Alan Bundy (7-7)

L Baddusousus Fatherfockerusus

W Vlad The Impaler

W Paulus De Boskabouter

W Doc Chillum

W Alfa Uros

L Doc Chillum

W Eaton Cox

L Peter Tosh

L Forever War

L Herman Pacquiao

L Striker Grappler

W Tauno Palo

L Eaton Cox

W Lucas Lunar

Uriel Amok (8-2)

L Vihtori Lettunen (League)

W Lou Cifer Jr (League)

L Calico James (League)

W Chuck Gracie (League)

W Henry Saari (League)

W Peter Smith (League)

W Tony Tauno (League)

W Hemmo Kalske (League)

W Vihtori Lettunen (League)

W Michael Sherman (League)

Jeremy Tonal (17-3)

W Smokudju Womba

L Sunny Disposition

L Lee Perry (Tourney)

W Hiro Protagonist

W Taylor Norton

W Budo Rei

W Merrimac Mjolnir

W Jigoro Kane

W Kalle Reinikainen

W Golden Glory

W Lucas Lavey

W Johnny Juggernaut

W Doug Marshall

L Jigoro Kane

W Berkshire Hathaway

W John Keynes

W Hans Schwanz (Tourney)

W Jerry Millen (Tourney)

W Earl Lee Swagger (Tourney)

W Johnnie Stalker (Tourney)

W Rolen Spliffs (Tourney)

Orlando Sackett (2-0)

W Johnie Ballantine

W Sumpo Klumpo

Raz Matazz (6-2)

W Mr Chrome

W Bruce Jenkins

W Klein East

W Ray Mancine

L Siouxsie Banshees

W Siouxsie Banshees

L Berkshire Hathaway

W Orville Redenbacher

Keith Jaeger (3-1)

L Momoko Yamaguchi (Tourney)

W Ratt Hughes (Tourney)

W Lime Lister (Tourney)

W Nameless One (Tourney)

Fred Ettish (2-2)

L Stan Van Gundy

L Nero Aurelius

W Mr Translucent

W Mr Translucent

Karl Denke (2-2)

L Boba Fett

L Lazarus Jones (Tourney)

L Pete Doherty (Tourney)

W Areli Durga (Tourney)

Bancroft Rothschild (1-0)

W Knocke Bensmock

Tank The Razors Edge (2-1)

L Rafael Habanero (Tourney)

W Tito Hopkins (Tourney)

W Matthew Murdock (Tourney)

Anton Chigurh (10-2)

W Kyle Carlton

W Mirian Cregov

W John Esposito

W Mike Hull

L Jack Potatos

L Sebastian Bantrell

W Simon Williams

W Emeka Shakur

W Iiro Tolonen

W The Pale Moonlight

L Emeka Shakur

W Luke Daigle

William Mackenzie King (0-1)

L Les Grossman

Forrest Gump (1-1)

L Henry Chinaski

W Abdullah Zaire

Fidel Duberry (5-4)

L Brock Samson

L Donzel Fortunado

W Kaely Cullen

W Maksimilian Tchepikov

W Anton Chigurh

W Vangelis Kokkalis

L Cole Jamison

L Kyle Carlton

W Kristow Zedski

Jamie Gillis (1-0)

W Mickey O Neil

Chance Taken (1-0)

W Kid Torres

Degen Gambler (1-2)

L Denton Thunder

W Moacyr Domingos De Matos

L Marko Torturo

Peter Cabreros (2-1)

W Mk Ultra

W Max Power

L Vadim Vadokowich

Renan St Juste (10-4)

L Ricky Rocker

W Shinichi Onizuka

W Igor Yiakovchenko

L Alpo Wednesday

W Kisuke Uwahara

W Partick Jane

L Dirk Zeldenthuis

L Wade Wilson

W Sativa Sensei

W Sinuhe Egyptian

W Sinuhe Egyptian

W Mk Ultra

W Ronald McDonald

W Dean Stevens

Danza Kuduro (3-1)

L Sonny Corleone

W Binzo Binzo

W Daniel Speed

W Tadamasa Yamada

Trent Pope (1-0)

W Noah Payne

Keith Green (4-1)

W Nero Aurelius

L Pluto Palhares

W Dick Inc

W Jackson Comet

W Klein East

John Galt (1-1-1)

W Vic Bauer

D Vic Bauer

L Denton Thunder

Buster Grimes (1-1)

L Chris Webster

W Johnny Priest

Simon Williams (2-2)

L Lester Cockenschtuff

W Simo Silakka

W Carter Johnson

L Arnie Ironz

Frank Sinatra (0-1)

L Igor Golzman

Josip Ruzic (1-0)

W Kamil Tomcik

Danny Mangold (0-1)

W Binzo Binzo

Arthur Curry (1-0)

W Edward Gamer

Rick James (0-1)

L Bryan Larocque

Adis Djurdjevic (0-2)

L Binzo Binzo

L Samor Kanen

Karl De Groot (1-0-1)

D Dan Zelenka

W Virgil Cid

Stanley Burrell (2-0)

W Felix Basilan

W Gregg Valentine

Kenichi Shirahama (5-1)

L Dustin Douglas

W Jack Neely

W Daniel Speed

W Buster Grimes

W Brock Samson

W Jack Neely

Arvydas Sabonis (1-1)

L Jefferson Davis Hogg

W Marcus Ulpius Traianus

Jurmas Uusisto (1-1)

L Mitsuyo Maeda

W Sativa Sensei

Anderson McGinley (0-1)

L Leighton Matias

Sergei Kravinoff (1-0)

Alexander Valentine

Auguste Grimm (0-1)

L Karnak Mandazur

Jesse Custer (4-0)

W Public Enemy

W Sonny Corleone

W Noah Puckerman

W Aj Hearts

Russ Rutger (2-1)

W Cian McGarrity

W Henrick Torhammer

L Johnny Fantastic

Kyle Carlton (0-1)

L Daniel Silva

Ein Stein (1-1)

W Aaron Witt

L Radar Salter

Scotty Bennett (1-1)

W Ada Reyes

L Fritzie Zivic

Timofey Boyko (2-1)

L Crabby Iron

W Alexander Blaze

W Darwin France

Yeshua Immanuel (0-1)

L Ice Man

Ricard Cuenca (0-1)

L Neno Pejovsky

Ted Stefans (182837) (1-0)

W Shuya Nanahara

Vladislav "Farmer Mysterio" Maslow (197361) (1-0)

W Sergei Dragunov

Gunnar Steigelmann (196145) (0-1)

L Chick Bowdrie

Hektor Troy (1-0)

W Scotty Bennet

Krystian "Wojna" Wojnasiewicz (159688) (0-1)

L Donny "The Bear Jew" Donowitz (92650) (0-1)

Fernando Prado (181926) (3-1)

W Natsu Dragneel

W Henrik Torhammer

L Henrik Torhammer

W Moses Ohchooto

Viv Richards (1-0)

W Lester Jangles

Fabian Hoi (225251) (1-3)

W Dennis "Pikey" Page (203323)

L Viktor Tsoi (232616)

L Sean Tallon

L Jameson Connemara

Joe "Big Shot" Gage (212536) (0-1)

L Sotiris Kakoullis (211997)

Matt Quin (239220) (1-0)

W Rockmeteller "Rocky" Todd (228550)

Oscar Boma (212771) (1-0)

W Hector Camacho

Ray Lewis (0-1)

L Nikolai Luzhin

Joe Jordan (196358) (1-0)

W Ashley Harrington

Shin Dong Hyuk (223756) (1-0)

W "Put Gold on it" Sean Tallon (205285)

Kai Kha (267500) (0-1)

L Sotiris Kakoullis (211997)

Steve "Bells" Belliveau (220767) (1-1)

W Bronson Steam (264392)

L Steven Rutherford

Lukasz "Wally" Wolek (255001) (2-0)

W Boreste Bardanos

W Abraham Donowitz

Darren "Landmine" Lamb (243991) (0-1)

L Alexsandro De Souza

Gerbert Bryant (0-1)

L Gymer Alexandersson

Gunnar Steigelmann (0-1)

L Michael Amato

Underestimated "Snake In The Grass" Dillashaw Junior (230204) (1-0-1)

W Sean Tallon

D Kantaro Hoshino (206468)

Menace Defoe (268296) (0-1)

L Michael "Machine Gun" D Amato (230880)

Ilya Mstislav Volkov (228159) (1-0)

W Liam Kelley (255358)

GAMMA Vs Other Major orgs

'GAMMA vs Sisu' 1-0-1

Karl De Groot v Jan Zelenka Draw

Kenichi v Daniel Speed Win GAMMA

GAMMA vs Ultimate Vale Tudo 0-2

Renan St Juste v Alpo Wednesday W UVT

Yeshua Immanuel v Ice Man W UVT

GAMMA vs Forbidden Violence 2-1

Scotty Bennett v Ada Reyes Win GAMMA

Timofey Boyko v Alexander Blaze Win GAMMA

Ein Stein v Radar Salter Win FV

GAMMA vs GP 2-0

Renan St Juste v Ronald McDonald W GAMMA

Jamie Gillis v Mickey O Neil W GAMMA

GAMMA vs Nexus 2-1

Bancroft Rothschild vs Knocke Bensmock W GAMMA

Raz Matazz vs Jean Martin Le Corre/Berkshire Hathaway W Nexus

Raz Matazz vs Orville Redenbacher W GAMMA

GAMMA vs Canadian Fighting Championship 4-0

Alan Bundy v Eaton Cox Win GAMMA

Anton Chigurh v The Pale Moonlight W GAMMA

Anton Chigurh v Mike Hull W GAMMA

Danny Mangold v Binzo Binzo W GAMMA

GAMMA vs Elite Ultimate Fighting Championship 1-1

Jeremy Tonal vs Johnny Juggernaut Win GAMMA

Alan Bundy vs Striker Grappling Win EUFC

GAMMA vs Ascension 2-5

Renan St Juste vs W Shinichi Onizuka Win GAMMA

Ricard Cuenca vs Neno Pejovsky Win ASC

Jeremy Tonal vs Merrimac Mjolnir Win GAMMA

William Mackenzie King v Less Grossman W ASC

Jeremy Tonal vs Lee Perry W ASC

Jeremy Tonal vs Sunny Disposition Win ASC

Anton Chigurh v Sebastian Bantrell Win ASC

GAMMA vs Syncronicity 8-9-1

Underestimated "Snake In The Grass" Dillashaw Junior (230204) vs "Dynamite" Kantaro Hoshino (206468) Draw

Lukasz "Wally" Wolek (255001) v Abraham Donowitz Win GAMMA

Steve Belliveau v Steven Rutherford Win Syn

Gymer Alexandersson vs Gerbert Bryant Win Syn

Jeremy Tonal vs Taylor Norton Win GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal vs Snake The Pendulum Win GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal vs Budo Rei Win GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal vs Lucas LaVey Win GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal vs John Keynes Win GAMMA

Alan Bundy vs Forever War Win Syn

Karl Denke vs Pete Doherty Win Syn

Karl Denke vs Boba Fett Win Syn

Anton Chigurh v Luke Daigle Win GAMMA

Anderson McGinley v Leighton Matias Win Syn

Gunnar Steigelmann v Chick Bowdrie Win Syn

Ricky Rocker v Renan St Juste Win Syn

Fernando Prado v Henrik Torhammer Win Syn

Fernando Prado v Henrik Torhammer Win GAMMA

GAMMA vs IMMA/Evolution 19-7

Underestimated "Snake In The Grass" Dillashaw Junior (230204) v Sean Tallon W GAMMA

Lukasz "Wally" Wolek (255001) v Boreste Bardanos W GAMMA

Kai Kha (267500) v Sotiris Kakoullis (211997) W EVO

Shin Dong Hyuk (223756) v "Put Gold on it" Sean Tallon (205285) W GAMMA

Fabian Hoi (225251) vs Sean Tallon W EVO

Fabian Hoi (225251) vs Viktor Tsoi (232616) W EVO

Joe Jordan v Ashley Harrington W GAMMA

Ray Lewis v Nikolai Luzhin W EVO

Oscar Boma (212771) v Hector Camacho W GAMMA

Matt Quin (239220) v Rockmeteller "Rocky" Todd (228550) W GAMMA

Joe "Big Shot" Gage (212536) v Sotiris Kakoullis (211997) W EVO

Jesse Custer v Aj Hearts W GAMMA

Kenichi Shirahama v Dustin Douglas W EVO

Sergei Kravinoff v Alexander Valentine W GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal v Smokudju Womba Win GAMMA

Degen Gambler v Moacyr Domingos De Matos Win GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal vs Jigoro Kane Win GAMMA

Anton Chigurh v John Esposito Win GAMMA

Anton Chigurh v Mirian Cregov Win GAMMA

Fidel Dubbery v Kaely Cullen W GAMMA

Fidel Dubbery v Anton Chigurh W GAMMA

Renan St Juste v Sativa Sensei W GAMMA

Renan St Juste v Sinuhe Egyptian W GAMMA

Renan St Juste v Sinuhe Egyptian W GAMMA

Frank Sinatra v Igor Golzman W EVO

Jurmas Uusisto v Sativa Sensei W GAMMA

GAMMA vs Blitzkrieg/Empire 4-2

Jeremy Tonal vs Moses Diggs Win GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal vs Bubba KillsInWater Win GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal vs Gristle McThornbody Win GAMMA

Alan Bundy vs Peter Tosh Win EMP

Alan Bundy v Eaton Cox Win EMP

Anton Chigurh v Simon Williams W GAMMA

GAMMA vs Reach 1-0

Jeremy Tonal vs The Rhino Win GAMMA

GAMMA vs ONI 4-1

Fidel Dubbery v Vangelis Kokkalis W GAMMA

Peter Cabreros v Vadim Vadokowich W ONI

Peter Cabreros v Max Power W GAMMA

Danza Kuduro v Tadamasa Yamada W GAMMA

Trent Pope v Noah Payne W GAMMA

GAMMA vs Nordic Fire Championship 9-3

Jeremy Tonal vs Hiro Protagonist Win GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal vs Kalle Reinikainen Win GAMMA

Jeremy Tonal vs Golden Glory Win GAMMA

Alan Bundy vs Vlad The Impaler Win GAMMA

Alan Bundy vs Paulus De Boskabouter Win GAMMA

Alan Bundy vs Doc Chillum Win GAMMA

Alan Bundy vs Alfa Uros Win GAMMA

Alan Bundy vs Doc Chillum Win NFC

Anton Chigurh v Emeka Shakur W GAMMA

Anton Chigurh v Iiro Tolonen W GAMMA

Anton Chigurh v Emeka Shakur W NFC

Degen Gambler v Marko Torturo W NFC

GAMMA vs Cage Wars 2-4-0

Auguste Grimm v Karnak Mandazur W CW

Kenichi Shirahama v Buster Grimes W GAMMA

Keith Green v Pluto Palhares W CW

Fidel Dubbery vs Donzel Fortunado W CW

Raz Matazz vs Siouxsie Banshees L GAMMA

Raz Matazz vs Siouxsie Banshees W GAMMA

GAMMA vs TTFC 13-10-0

Virgil Keller v Scotty Bennet W GAMMA

Fernando Prado v Natsu Dragneel W GAMMA

Renan St Juste v Igor Yiakovchenko W GAMMA

Timofey Boyko v Crabby Iron W TTFC

Timofey Boyko v Darwin France W GAMMA

Renan St Juste v Kisuke Uwahara W GAMMA

Jesse Custer v Public Enemy W GAMMA

Kyle Carlton v Daniel Silva W TTFC

Russ Rutger v Cian McGarrity W GAMMA

Jesse Custer v Sonny Corleone W GAMMA

Jurmas Uusisto v Mitsuyo Maeda W TTFC

Danza Kuduro v Sonny Corleone W TTFC

Fred Ettish v Stan Van Gundy W TTFC

Stanley Burrell v Gregg Valentine W GAMMA

Simon Williams L Lester Cockenschtuff W TTFC

Kenichi Shirahama v Brock Samson Win GAMMA

Fidel Dubbery vs Brock Samson Win TTFC

Simon Williams vs Carter Johnson Win GAMMA

Keith Green vs Klein East Win GAMMA

Raz Matazz v Klein East Win GAMMA

Buster Grimes v Chris Webster W TTFC

Forrest Gump v Henry Chinaski W GAMMA

Fidel Dubbery v Cole Jamison W GAMMA

GAMMA v Versus 9-4-0

Arvydas Sabonis v Marcus Ulpius Traianus W GAMMA

Degen Gambler v Denton Thunder W Versus

Raz Matazz vs Mr Chrome W GAMMA

Renan St Juste v Mk Ultra W GAMMA

Renan st Juste v Wade Wilson W Versus

Al Bundy vs Baddusoussus Fatherfockerussus W Versus

Raz Matazz v Bruce Jenkins W GAMMA

Raz Matazz v Ray Mancine W GAMMA

Peter Cabreros v Mk Ultra W GAMMA

Josip Ruzic v Kamil Tomcik W GAMMA

Adis Djurdjevic v Samor Kanen W Versus

Fidel Duberry v Maksimilian Tchepikov W GAMMA

Peter Cabreros v Mk Ultra W GAMMA

GAMMA v Steel Penn 5-4-0

Fernando Prado (181926) vs Moses Ohchooto W GAMMA

Viv Richards vs Lester Jangles Win GAMMA

Vladislav "Farmer Mysterio" Maslow v Sergei Dragunov Win GAMMA

Arvydas Sabonis v Jefferson Davis Hogg Win Steel Penn

Karl De Groot v Virgil Cid Win GAMMA

Keith Green v Nero Aurelius Win GAMMA

Raz Matazz v Nero Aurelius Win Steel Penn

Fred Ettish v Nero Aurelius Win Steel Penn

Renan St Juste v Dirk Zeldenthuis Win Steel Penn

GAMMA vs Aggressive Damage 10-4-1

Ilya Mstislav Volkov (228159) vs Liam Kelley (255358) W GAMMA

Menace Defoe (268296) v Michael "Machine Gun" D Amato (230880) Win AD

Michael D Amato v Gunnar Steigelmann Win AD

Ted Stefans v Shuya Nanahara Win GAMMA

Renan St Juste v Patrick Jane Win GAMMA

Scotty Bennet v Fritzie Zivic Win AD

Ein Stein v Aaron Witt Win GAMMA

Jesse Custer v Noah Puckerman Win GAMMA

Kenichi Shirahama v Jack Neely Win GAMMA

Kenichi Shirahama v Jack Neely Win GAMMA

Stanley Burrell v Felix Basilan Win GAMMA

Rick James vs Bryan Larocque Win AD

John Galt v Vic Bauer Win GAMMA

John Galt v Vic Bauer Draw

Arthur Curry v Edward Gamer Win GAMMA

GAMMA vs CEC 2-3-0

Darren "Landmine" Lamb v Alexsandro De Souza W CEC

Steve Belliveau V Bronson Steam (264392) W GAMMA

Krystian Wojnasiewicz v Donny Donowitz W CEC

Almu Tantor v Gunnar Gustavsson W CEC

Simon Williams v Simo Silakka Win GAMMA

GAMMA vs New Generation Fighters 1-1

Russ Rutger v Henrick Torhammer W GAMMA

Renan St Juste v Justin Fantastic W NGF


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