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Kickboxing was added to the Game in December 2011, to formalize the many K1 Organizations that were already operating. The rankings were separated in order to both give more credit to the K1 fighters in the game and also purify the MMA Fighter Rankings

K1 is a brand name so instead of "K1 game" we call our Kickboxing game "KT" kickboxing and you can see the following logo within the game on the highstreet, the fight offers page and on the org pages. Kickboxing game.jpg


  • KT Kickboxing game rules are basically all standup and clinch tactics, other than takedowns.
  • There is no time limit in the clinch
  • The referee will break up the clinch as normal, for inactivity

Setting Sliders

  • The system automatically sets sliders so that neither fighter goes for takedowns or pull guard attempts. Also, there will be no "follow to the ground" after knockdowns, due to the mandatory standing 8 count rule.


  • Fights can be 10 point must, or whole fight scoring
  • If using the 10 point must system, there is an automatic -1 point for being knocked down
  • There is a standing 8 count in operation

Contracts & Titles

  • There is no separate contract in game for kickboxing fights. You can use a universal contract for MMA and kickboxing.
  • There is no separate title for kickboxing, within an org, just one title for both.


Kickboxing Game Rankings, as with the MMA portion of the game, are calculated solely on the Hype value of your fighter. Kickboxing and MMA have a separate hype value but a joint popularity. All these values slowly decay over time, if your fighter is inactive.

Org Hype

Orgs also have a separate ranking/hype for KT Kickboxing and MMA rules.

Kickboxing Rankings

Fighters are only ranked if their Kickboxing Ranking is higher than the base level of 20. Your fighter cannot go below 20 in either Kickboxing Hype or regular Hype for the MMA rankings.