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The Pyramid League structure provides an additional rankings system within the game and a change for managers of all levels to enjoy some competition on a month by month basis. Additionally, we run a pyramid structure for alliances, as the only alliance ranking system in the game. Each season runs from the first to the last day of the calendar month.

Points Scoring

  • 3 points for a win.
  • 1 point for a draw.
  • + or - a point for a finish or being finished.
  • A bonus of 1-8 points for each manager in the league, based on their opponent's hype, (based on the fighter rather than the manager).
  • This applies up to 8 fights in the month for managers and 30 for alliances. After that many fights, the points are adjusted to be an average points score over 8 or 30 fights. (This it to encourage active managers but not fight spamming).


League Structure

There are 7 divisions in the managerial pyramid structure.

  • Division 1 - 1 League
  • Division 2 - 3 Leagues
  • Division 3 - 9 Leagues
  • Division 4 - 27 Leagues
  • Division 5 - 81 Leagues
  • Division 6 - 243 Leagues
  • Division 7 - 729 Leagues

Promotion and Relegation

The leagues have 1 promotion and 3 relegation spots. Inevitably users will go inactive throughout the league structure, so we will also have promotions for best-placed runners up.


League Structure

There are 4 divisions in the alliance pyramid structure.

  • Division 1 - 1 League
  • Division 2 - 2 Leagues
  • Division 3 - 4 Leagues
  • Division 4 - 8 Leagues

Promotion and Relegation

  • The leagues have 1 automatic promotion and 3 relegation spots.
  • We also have half as many best placed runner up positions as leagues. So in division 2 we have 1 best placed runner up promotion. In division 3 we have 2. In division 4 we have 4.
  • When alliances are closed, we replace them with the best placed runner up from the division below.


Trophies will be handed out for league winners.